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  • How much does the welded firepit weigh?
    Roughly 60-70lbs
  • Do you customize?
    Yes, that what makes our product unique. I communicate directly with you to personalize your vision for a custom fire pit. A drawing is done for your approval. Once agreed upon, we proceed to steps in creating the finished product.
  • Do you warranty paint?
  • How much does the collapsible firepit weigh?
    Roughly 40 lbs.
  • Will my sign rust and different paint options
    When choosing us to make your sign, you have three options. We outsource powder coating so please understand that has an additional wait time. If you are in a rush spray paint might be something to consider. Please note that in due time, spray paint will wear off and will need to be touched up so raw metal isn't exposed. Raw metal is our third option. Something to consider with this option is moisture will result in metal rusting. Rust is not patina, so make sure you like the rust look before exposing raw metal.
  • How do I place a order?
    Place an order by either method: via the website, send a text, by email, or by calling directly. (Note prior to ordering if the firepit is being shipped please understand due to the size we need to discuss shipping charges)
  • What are the firepits made of?
    12ga Domestic Hot Rolled Steel
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